Good Company: A Recruitment Agency in Amsterdam

Recruitment is a practice inextricably linked with the modern labor market. It’s the searching and selection of qualified workers for companies looking for them. However, there’s more to recruitment than just bridging the gap between employee and employer. But what is a recruitment agency? Why do businesses use recruitment agencies? And how do job recruitment agencies work? At Good Company, we believe people work best when they are surrounded by others who challenge, motivate, inspire and bring out the very best in them. After all, what is a company without people? We are more than a recruitment agency in Amsterdam; Good Company is here to help you find talented people to reach your goals. 

Whether you’re on the search, looking to improve, trying to build, feeling stuck or seeking the new—we’re here to guide you to, through, over, around and beyond whatever’s next.

What is a recruitment agency?

In essence, a recruitment agency is a business specialized in finding suitable workers for a specific company. Given the shortage in talent and the often time consuming and costly process of recruiting new employees, a recruitment agency can be called in by any business to take care of this for them. 

At a recruitment agency, you find specialized recruiters – often with an expertise in a specific industry. At Good Company, for example, you’ll find recruiters in IT recruitment, marketing recruitment, sales recruitment and engineering recruitment. They know their industries inside and out, allowing for quick quality hires. 

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How do job recruitment agencies work?

In order to find suitable workers for client companies, recruitment agencies have to have an extensive network of talent. By approaching workers online, via telephone or in person, recruiters are able to determine the wants and needs of a professional to then connect them to a suitable company. Matchmaking.

For hard-to-fill positions, often senior or C-level jobs, recruitment agencies have the benefit of an extensive network and knowledge of the market. Therefore, although these professionals may currently be employed, recruiters are able to convince them of a job at their client’s company.

You may be asking: ‘how do I find a recruitment agency that understands my needs?’. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find a recruitment agency that fits your company.

How do I find a recruitment agency?

Looking for a reccruitment agency in Amsterdam? Or any other region or city? In order to find a recruitment agency that fits your business, it’s important to determine what type of support you need to fill a vacant position. Do you need a quick hire or are you seeking a long-term recruitment partner that’s able to shape a future-proof recruitment strategy for your business? In either case, a non-committal conversation with multiple agencies goes a long way. That way, you’re able to determine what recruitment style fits your company best, what energy you like and what recruitment package suits your wishes.

Most agencies, just like Good Company, offer a free intake to discuss your wishes and current obstacles in recruitment. So if you’re searching for a recruitment agency in Amsterdam, or other regions in the Netherlands or Belgium, we’re here to help!

How do I find a recruitment agency?

What services do recruitment agencies offer?

The services offered by recruitment agencies differ greatly. Where one agency just provides workers for you to choose from, the other is involved during the entire recruitment process. Good Company fits the latter. 

We not only search and select the right candidates for your company, we also provide you with the necessary insights, advice and support during negotiations or offers. This is how we guarantee the quality of your new hire, making sure it’s a match meant to last.

How much do agency recruiters make?

The amount of money recruiters make is different per agency, industry, region and country. The business model of an agency, for example, often determines the salary of its recruiters. A no cure, no pay business works with commission, allowing recruiters to earn a percentage of their candidate’s wage. This commission is generally earned on top of a set monthly wage.

However, agencies that work with fixed fees or packages do not rely on commission as much and therefore wield different wage levels. 

Why do businesses use recruitment agencies?

Most companies have an internal HR department, and maybe even a corporate recruiter. So why do businesses use recruitment agencies? The three most predominant reasons for businesses to call in the help of a recruitment agency to find talent are:

  1. Save time, money and energy 
  2. Higher quality hires 
  3. Guidance and support

To reach talent in a tight labor market can be hard. Especially when you don’t have the network or reach to address your target group. A recruitment agency can therefore be the gateway between your company and the talent you need. 

Why do businesses use recruitment agencies? 

How much do recruitment agencies charge?

Again, the money a recruitment agency charges for its services is depending on several factors. Competition and market fluctuations, but also business models and industry often play a role in the costs. 

To allow all companies a chance at finding the right talent, Good Company uses three different recruitment packages:

  1. Always-on Partnership – 6 months for a fixed monthly fee
  2. Trial Partnership – 8 weeks for a fixed monthly fee   
  3. Success-based – for a percentage of the annual salary of a hired candidate 

In addition, we offer customized advice for when you’re uncertain what type of package would suit your needs best. 

How do recruitment agencies make money?

Given the varying business models in this industry, the way in which recruitment agencies make money differs. Plenty of traditional recruitment agencies follow a full no cure, no pay model, meaning they’ll only earn money when a candidate is hired. Even though this does not guarantee a steady flow of income, the deals that are closed are often profitable.

Other recruitment agencies offer a hybrid option, as does Good Company. In order to allow all companies – from start-up to multinational – to have a chance at meeting the right talent, customizable options are offered. Recruitment packages are often paid in advance, whereas the success-based options generally require payment upon a closed deal. The income of a recruitment agency is thus dependent on their business model. 

How do recruitment agencies make money?

What can a recruitment agency do for my company?

A recruitment agency like Good Company can help you find talent that would otherwise be unreachable. With an extensive network, years of experience, market insights and a strong expertise, we’ll find candidates that not just meet your expectations – but exceed them. 

Even though we’re a recruitment agency in Amsterdam, our services reach far beyond the city. You can count on us for searches across The Netherlands and Belgium!

Do you need more information on our services or packages? Feel free to contact us at any time! We’re more than happy to think along in your search for talent.