When It Comes To Work, We're In This Together

Question: what is a company if not simply a collection of people? Answer: nothing. Absolutely nothing. We understand that you want to work with people who will bring out your very best. In other words, you want to keep good company.

We’re specialized in Marketing, Sales, Engineering and IT. We work closely with you to find people that not only meet your requirements, but exceed them.

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When It Comes To Work, We're In This Together

How We Work


The Intro

It all starts with you. During a full-scale intake we get to know each other and look into your needs. Furthermore we chart your company DNA and identify the people you’re looking for.

Good Company Profiel

The Profile

Based on the insights you shared and our industry knowledge, we create a matching job profile. The solid foundation to start a focused search.

Good Company - Zoektocht

The Search

We have the network and marketing skills at hand to promote your job at large scale. Combined with our distinct sourcing strategy, we’ll build a pool of Good people for you.

The Screening

Time to match. We use effective assessment tools, including personality tests, to look beyond CVs and understand the one behind those stats and numbers and words and symbols.

The MeetUp

Let’s meet the hidden gems we’ve found. From first contact to interview and from salary negotiation to the actual hiring—we’re here to guide you to, through, over, around and beyond whatever’s next.

Good Company Rapport

The Report

Do you like to stay on track? We do too. That’s why we’ll present you with all the relevant data to follow the progress of your search. From significant updates to one final report.

Choose What's Good For You



Looking to extend the team but not in a hurry? Go success-based. We’ll search for fitting talent and give you a heads-up when it’s time to meet. Exclusive and Contracting options are also available.


Trial Partnership

All partnership perks in a 2-month trial. Get a highly focused search for the rarest-of-rare. We’ll pursue your quest to find your match within 8 weeks.

Always-on Partnership

Always-on Partnership

Grow continuously while we do your searching. The way to go if you’re always on the lookout for new talent to realize your big plans. Meet Good people, anytime.

We Connect Good People To Good Places

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