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Good Company is committed to helping employers and employees understand, improve and get excited about the single biggest influence on their work lives: the company they keep.

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We’ve spent our entire work lives building the knowledge, insights, experience and expertise to help others succeed in their work lives. In the beginning we focused on IT but soon entered the worlds of Finance, Marketing, Technique and Sales.

How We Work

For us, Good Company is more than just a name. It’s a vision, a goal and a philosophy to surround ourselves with people we genuinely like and admire—and to connect them with places where they will grow and succeed. To do this, we diverge with our industry peers who have grown more and more automated and number obsessed. We instead bring humanity, openness, creativity and trust to every step of our process.


We get to know both the candidates and the companies we work with—their motivations, desires, quirks and charms—to be able to make significant matches.

Meaningful Connections

We seek to make every partnership a perfect one—so that every pairing leads to stronger, happier people who are more likely to succeed, in business and in life.

Expert Guidance

We use our hard-earned expertise to guide and support everyone we work with—sharing the knowledge, insights and access we’ve gathered over the past decade.

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