What job is right for me?

Are you at the brink of starting your career after finishing years of education? Or are you just ready for something new to refuel your work life? When you have a slight idea of what you’d like to be doing over the coming years but are still lost on the details, have a look at some job descriptions. They might give you answers to questions you never knew were there.

Below you’ll find some job descriptions of positions that are currently in high demand among the employers in our network. Is there anything that catches your eye? Or are you looking for additional information about a specific position? Please contact us to discuss your possibilities. 

Job Descriptions


The different positions in the labor market 

Finding a job that suits you can often be quite a hurdle.The fact that new jobs emerge each year as a consequence of rapid technological advancements is not making it any easier. Informing yourself on the different job descriptions out there might therefore help you determine where and in what role you would fit.